Signature Beauty

Women with ethnic hair deserve access to professionals who are trained in dealing with a plethora of textures, lengths and varying degrees of thickness.

Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon and Spa is a full-service beauty salon and spa dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction.  

Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon and Spa furnishes an enjoyable, warm, inviting, and creative atmosphere.  

Make Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon and Spa, your final destination for all of your beauty needs.

If you want your hair to be in optimum health, we can’t stress the importance of regular salon visits. ..
— Sondrea A. Lynch

Signature Inspiration

Sharing our passion with one vision.  We are making a difference with every cut, one Signature at a time.

We will provide superior services, Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon and Spa only uses superior, professional products that will complement our Signature's natural beauty, inside and out. 

We appreciate your patronage, respect diversity and strive to make your experience pleasurable and unforgettable.

Visit us today, and you will see the difference. 

Signature beauty, finessed with infinite possibilities...
— Sondrea A. Lynch

Signature Finesse

All of us at Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon and Spa thank you for trusting us with your beauty needs. 

We understand that beauty and luxury are an awesome way to relax, refresh and rejuvenate! 

Whether it’s a complimentary trim or a complete beautification makeover, a natural herbal essence manicure and pedicure or a "Signature" up-do, you can always trust that all of us at Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon and Spa will do our very best to make your experience "Signature" exceptional.


Many of our products services can only be carried out by hair professionals who have the skills, expertise and knowledge to carry out such treatments effectively...
— Sondrea A. Lynch