Design Essentials offers a strong commitment to improving the look and feel of your hair by providing healthy hair styling products that address and satisfy your specific hair needs. We understand that there are a myriad of hair types by nature and that hair care is a very personal and emotional experience.

Our business is human hair.Human hair is an appendage which grows from follicles, tube like sacs in the scalp or skin containing the hair root. The hair that we cut, relax, color and style is a non-living fiber comprised of keratinized protein. Within the hair follicle cells are produced. These cells mature in an upward moving process through the follicle.

This maturing process is known as keratinization. During keratinization cells absorb keratin, a fibrous protein. As the cells continue to move upward they lose their nucleus and die off, producing the non-living keratinized cells (appendage) that emerge from the scalp.

Hair is comprised of many contributing factors.Proteins, raw elements, amino acids and bonds work together in forming hair fiber.The dominant contributor in the composition of hair is protein, accounting for 91 percent of hair fiber. 

Our brands provide you with effective, professional-quality products that you can depend on to cleanse, condition, nourish, revitalize and restore your hair to its natural beauty.

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Design Essentials unveils Beauty. Inspiration. Innovation, a petite collection of beauty. We invite you to rediscover Beauty, redefine Inspiration, and redescribe Innovation.