KeraCare® Detangling Conditioning Mist

KeraCare® Detangling Conditioning Mist


Avlon KeraCare® Detangling Conditioning Mist - Detangles natural, relaxed and commercial hair. Smooths cuticles to gently release tangles and knots.  

Available in 8oz size.

Featuring a masterful blend of moisturizing silicones and quaternium conditioners, it imparts optimal hydration and silkening.  It also contains phyto extracts of the moisturizing herb, calendula.


  • Provides heat protection.

  • Silkens hair.

  • Boosts shine and manageability.

  • Leaves hair light.

  • Eliminates static.

Directions: Spray on lightly to freshly shampooed hair.  Do not rinse out.  Continue to dry and style.

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