KeraCare® Leave-In Conditioner

KeraCare® Leave-In Conditioner


Avlon KeraCare® Leave-In Conditioner moisturizes and detangles hair leaving it smooth and shiny. Instantly moisturizes hair with a rich formula that works like three conditioners in one.

Features:  Improves the surface properties of the hair leaving it smooth with lots of sheen. Helps protect against thermal and mechanical damage. Does not weigh hair down with heavy oils that attract dirt. Contains UV sunscreens. Suitable for all hair textures including moderately damaged hair. Excellent for blow-drying. pH balanced.

Available in 4oz. size.


  • Leaves hair smooth with lots of sheen.

  • Prevents hair breakage.

  • Superior detangling for easy wet and dry combing.

  • Hydrates hair to produce a healthier, more lustrous, softer and manageable hair texture.

  • Sunscreens protect against the cuticle-destroying effects of the sun.

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Note: Avlon product orders are subject to territory restrictions. Not available in all areas.

Directions: Shampoo with KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and towel blot. Rub a dime-sized amount between palms and distribute throughout hair. Use more for long or thick hair as necessary. Comb through. DO NOT RINSE OUT. Proceed to blow-dry or style hair as desired. For additional sheen apply KeraCare Silken Seal before styling.