KeraCare® Silken Seal® Liquid Sheen

KeraCare® Silken Seal® Liquid Sheen


Avlon KeraCare® Silken Seal® Liquid Sheen. Seals cuticle surfaces creating super-shiny, silky hair that still retains body.

A clear liquid silicone laminate spray that produces a high sheen and remarkable softness.  When used prior to blow drying, it helps protect hair from thermal styling damage and moisture loss as it seals the cuticle layer of the hair.  Non-oily.  Contains sunscreen ingredients to help protect hair from damaging UV sun rays.  Finished styles will be silky, full of body and lustrous. When used as a sheen spray, hair is instantly transformed from dull to radiant. 

Available in 4oz. size.


  • Creates silky, shiny hair during blowdrying.

  • Hair retains body and bounce.

  • Hair looks luminous and shiny.

  • UV protection helps prevent damage to hair.

Directions: For Blow-drying: Spray evenly to freshly shampooed, conditioned and towel-blotted hair. (When spraying, position pump 6-8 inches from hair.) Proceed to blow-dry.  As Spray Sheen: Apply to finished style for additional shine as needed.

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