KeraCare® Styling Wax Stick

KeraCare® Styling Wax Stick


Avlon KeraCare® Styling Wax Stick creates texture with a flexible hold for special effects styling.

Available in 2.6oz size.


  • Moisturizes hair to prevent brittleness.

  • Helps detail styles.

  • Enhances wispy and spiky styles.

  • Does not weigh hair down.

  • Smoothes down fly-aways and frizzy hair along the hairline and nape areas.

  • Creates texture with a flexible hold.

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Directions: Apply the stick directly on hair or rub a small amount of wax between finger tips and apply on ends or along the entire hair strand.

Note: Avlon product orders are subject to territory restrictions. Not available in all areas. 

KeraCare Styling Wax Stick is for special effects styling for relaxed or natural hair and can be used to smooth down areas along the hairline as well as fly-aways.