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Sondrea’s Signature Styles Salon and Spa offers a competitive salary and compensation package. Our goal is to accommodate industry professionals seeking the opportunity to unleash their “Signature” style.

Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon & Spa is a center of excellence and encourages teamwork. We offer specialized education and training opportunities for those that are eager to learn and thrive in our challenging and professional atmosphere. Our staff is extremely talented and dedicated to growing in their crafts. We believe in moving forward, becoming complacet in who we are is never an option.

If you would like to see what opportunities we have available, please fill out the online applications to be considered for employement. Hourly wages, salaries and commissions packages are customized for the team member according to skill level, experience, and years of service.

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The consultation is the first step, of many, which allows the “Signature” Team to identify the appropriate style and the necessary professional products to maintain your beautiful hair.

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Nail Technician

Did you know that even something as tiny as painting your nails can boost your mood! What’s your “Signature” color of choice? Technically advanced and easy to use, our Synergy Gel Systems by Young Nails is the only choice for our team.



Most talk about facials, at Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon and Spa we talk about skin health treatments and the difference is “Signature” clear.

Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon and Spa is committed to being an equal opportunity employer as part of our on-going mission. It is the policy of Sondrea's Signature Styles Salon and Spa not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, orientation, disability, age or national origin. APPLY WITH INDEED