Signature Trim Service: What Is A Split End?

Foregoing cutting your hair is not the answer to gaining length.

Why? The split ends will accumulate and only get worse…

Why? Because the split will continue to travel up the hair shaft and damaging more of your hair... 

It is important to take care of your ends whenever you notice they are looking really frayed. Ms. Sondrea recommends maintaining a Signature Trim and/or Dusting every 4-8 weeks.  Wavy or curly hair can usually go 2-3 months, sometimes 4 months, without a full trim and just minor dustings in between.

Despite the claims from some specially formulated hair care products, there is no magical/mythical fix for your split ends. These products can only temporarily glue split ends together so they appear repaired. 

TRUE:  Splits can occur at any point along the hair shaft but tend to occur at the end of the hair (hence the name).

TRUE:  Often splits tear or break off around the point they started.

TRUE:  Performing precision cuts, trims or dusting the hair can be performed on either wet or dry hair. 

Remember all hair is susceptible to split ends regardless of whether you chemically process your hair or if you are a natural.  It all depends on your hair type, length, texture, thickness and other factors.  

In order to maintain healthy ends hair should be trimmed when necessary. There's no use holding onto long hair with thinning, damaged ends.  Cutting off the damage and retaining length will be far easier. Maintaining healthy ends will help with retaining length. It will help with breakage, which is often the true culprit of your hair not growing.

The key to trimming hair is knowing what needs to be trimmed and what doesn't.   At Sondrea’s Signature Styles Salon and Spa we look for thinning or uneven parts of the hair.

Hairs are most protected and less likely to get damaged when they are around the same length as each other.