Sizzling Summer Nail Colors Really Pop!

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Nails are demanding attention as colors are taking an adventurous step away from last year’s runway of nudes and naturals. Now, it’s all about making the color pop!

“Nail polish is a fashion accessory that has become not only a staple but, a statement,” says H. Ginger Johnson, co-founder of Ginger + Liz Colour Collection. “Some women take great pride in their nail polish brand and color selection.”

Aiming for strikingly different colors will not only give you the confidence to wear lighter shades of green, but complement your darker skin tone. You can be more selective with hues that are outside of the box, trendy and professional!

1. Dark, burning red, or shimmery orange

Wearing the deep red nail polish exudes more confidence on a woman’s fingernails than the others listed. It’s rich in color, seductive and professionally-adorned for the office. But of course, there are a multitude of reds you can try on the market such as the dark, bright, or shimmery reds and oranges that are perfectly demure for your wardrobe.

2. Dark purple or lavender

The deep dark purple or lavender adds a nice contrast to a black woman’s skin tone. It’s subdued, yet classy for your fingernails for any season, and blends well with a purple eye shadow or blush.

3. Pastel colors such as beige, pink, peach or coral

The lighter contrasts of beige, peach and coral are reminders of the summer time. However, it can be worn during any period of the year because their accents complete any wardrobe. Even the slightest bit of pink reassures you that its soft, translucent colors are also fun!

4. Black or darker shades of grey

Opting for the darker shades of grey is an edgy way to make your nails stand out. Sometimes, it makes sense to sample polishes that are entrenched in darkness and authoritative beauty.

5. French manicure

Women of color should feel empowered with a French manicure. The simple, elegant white tips are less cliche and geared toward the working professional. It’s a preferred tailored polish to have for any occasion.

6. Mint, tea green, jade, royal blue, cobalt blue

The beloved green and blue hues sometimes offer vintage appeal. The darker greens and blues are worthy samples, as well as hunter greens and sky blues. Eye-popping, daring and trendy fit the bill!

Timid? Try it on your toes, but make sure you get a salon pedicure first! Or, isolate the glitzies and foils for your ring fingers only, while the other eight digits keep a classic color.

Take advantage of the freedom this summer’s fashion encourages. There’s no reason to put a color limit on your digits! Have fun!